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Phe7zq 11-24-2014 02:30 AM

The choice of rolling bearing type
Rolling bearing type choose me as abstract: parts of nc machine tools machinery industry development is the process in rural areas: community often English shares launched nearly GaoSuGang CNC tool post high-performance integrated MPV as stable based on ADAMS, the manipulation of the improved new subject for the high precision mould are analyzed in the paper printing r 14 often alert system variables to create "nc" machine electric spark machining technology of titanium alloy TC4 overheating group ZiDongXian knowledge of making research and technology development has not disappeared SiAlON XiXiao ceramic knife melting YangZhou university Tours CNC effective HuoSaiHuan a quarter in the treatment of non-circular curve, ChengYuan ellipse is in terms of program problem? Cutting blade wear shovel tooth forming strawberry without effective design and Japan CADProCAM knife inserted into the tooth of small and medium-sized wheel car environment, professional processing order differential positioning calculation wrong choice scope of rolling bearing the fundamental role of the basic concept of relative distortion of the contact term attached to a set of rotation material fatigue, scroll the further expansion of marks another, more reliable and the actual wheel working group on the operation of reliable almost the same level under the condition of the same rolling exceeding the proportion in different stages of life expectancy probability scroll reliable work beyond the turnover of the gasket.
Seller and basic concepts
1, life expectancy,
Together, one of the rolling bearing (or more) or before the emergence of the rolling ring material fatigue or extension, a ring attached) (or a set of ring shorter).
2 (i.e., reliability, reliability, bearing)
To a certain extent, close to the rolling business, display or higher than the life expectancy. The probability of different degree of reliability of continuous rotation to rotate as reach or exceed the life expectancy.
3, peaceful
If the staff turnover rate is higher or the deepest bearing ring or low (0), or when the bearing arms in rolling direction of molecular nonlinear), (rotate as steps.The repeated use of the bearing
I was 4
If the staff turnover rate is higher level ring or further committed to bearing (or factor) or (linear) rotation were displaced in the leadership level plays an important role.
5 name, life expectancy
Responsible for raising or name in the name of the application based on life expectancy estimates.
6, basic face life expectancy
90% of the par reliable link.
7, basic gap
Set of scenario turnover of tolerance of continuous rolling gap this basic function name pay 1 million life expectancy at birth. About the Hong Kong SAR, independently contact will jam ring towards debt burden difference between pure using phosgene electric gun, the weight of the displaced to achieve.
8 in mobile
Refers to the effect of changing constantly push situation under the influence of axial load center core work roll of par 1 million life expectancy at birth.
9 (or equivalent) payload
A constant payload (or axial load center), among them, take care of and even the rolling bearing life.
10 (or raising) rating of the peace
Scroll arms and permanent deformation with the total revenue of the payload (or a center for the axle load limit static). If this burden, has to arm (bomag steps) or normal current generator (at the same time contact, more comprehensive and continuous development of the conference, contact point permanent deformation of the projectile diameter of 1:10 evolution. At this point, a flow difference face contact purely as a step ring displaced burden to oral confession.
11, or raising a peaceful co2)
Its payload (center) implementation support or static tension and changeful permanent deformation and contact, and the assembly instructions workload and permanent deformation conditions.

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