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For Sale
This 1978 Mercedes-Benz 250T is a long-wheelbase (based on the 600 series platform) ambulance that was converted by the German coachbuilder Miesen.

It features steel bodywork with a raised roof. Finished in tri-tone blue and white, the vehicle's two bucket seat driver’s cabin is separated from the rear compartment by a fixed bulkhead with sliding window. Power is provided by a carbureted 2.5-liter inline-six paired with a four-speed manual transmission.

The car was imported to the US under previous ownership and purported to be initially sourced for Jay Leno via Blue Nelson. A repaint in blue and white is said to have been performed under previous ownership, and a replacement hood was reportedly installed at that time. Details include emergency lighting, lengthened rear doors, and a roof vent as well as European-market bumpers and headlights. Steel wheels wear full covers with painted centers and whitewall tires. Braking is handled by four-wheel discs. Instrumentation includes a 150-mph speedometer with a six-digit odometer showing 43k miles but total mileage is unknown. The dash clock is inoperative, and a replacement is included in the sale.The carpeted rear compartment is accessed via top- and bottom-hinged tailgates. Recent work include a new fuel line and catalytic converter, a resealed fuel tank as well as rebuilding the sending unit, carburetor, and radiator. The ignition wires, spark plugs, and battery were also replaced in 2020.

The car wears replacement VIN and BAR engine identification tags from the state of California and last passed smog certification in the winter of 2021.



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