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Hi folks,
I am new to this forum and to the Benz vehicles. I recently acquired a 06 C230 sport because I like the body style and look.
I would like to modify the car a bit and need some direction. I searched the forum and not able to find info needed. Probably my lack of understanding how to search.

1. Will a grille and hood emblem from an earlier c230 coupe fit the 06 C230 sedan sport? Are the grilles and emblems inter-changeable between the years of 01-07 coupes and sedans?
2. I like the steering wheels of the earlier coupes, will they fit a later model c230 06 sedan?
3. My drivers side door panel arm rest is cracked. Can I just change out the arm rest or do I need to change the entire door panel?
4. Between the driver side door window and back passenger door window, on the outside of the vehicle running perpendicular to the windows, are two black panels and one is chipped at a top corner. I have not found instructions on how to remove those panels. Probably need to remove the window molding first I am sure, but looking for something more instructional.

Any and all comments are most welcomed. Thanks.
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