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2007 - w211 - E350 - Base
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New Owner of 2007 - E350 - w211 - Base - with 245,000 miles on it and I Love it and Want to Keep it! Just Wanting Expert/s Feedback/Thoughts on having this unit break 4 or 500K miles. Or if I should Sell it sooon..? Ha, but not Really! and why I'm posting this. I am capable of doing all mechanical work, yet do not want to pull engine yet could do; just not equiped.
The Car is Great! I Want to Keep it! - Mechanically - Currently pretty much Fine.. Most below was Complete within the past 15 - 20K miles
The Fuel/Petro Tank issue is Complete
New Bilstein shocks struts all way around, control arms and front end components in good order.
All Electronics are operational except the back shade which I can fix someday.
Black exterior - not a mark/dent on it, yet needs a full clay bar and detail soon. Interior brown with minimal wear, just typical cracks in vinyl/plastic driver's seat - (wish they would have used leather..) ah, next model up?
Headliner in back separating, and I know that drill.
The intake flapper vacuum gizmoes I just replaced due to the plastic arm breaking.
Headlights are fogged, sunburnt, I can will correct.
Tires, brakes, pads, rotors, calipers fine.
Belt and pully's OK and AC too..

Should I do a Tranny Flush, change, and Filter?
Drive train thoughts or preventative?
A very minor slight tick sound in lower part of block, not sure yet of cause or origin, Doesn't seem to be top end or lifter

This is my 1st Mercedes, owning several BMW's in my past, still have one yet the w211 and E350 is New to me and Any Feedback would be Greatly Appreciated in preparation to keep this going a Much Longer time, if that is suggested.
I have not seen to many, if any with 240K Miles on them in this shape - fully functioning as I noted above..
I tried to be detailed, yet as brief as I could be to assist anyone who takes the time to reply.
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