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2008 C63?

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I saw this car at a Chevron station on Avalon St./405 frwy in Long Beach this morning around 6am.Pics are from my camera phone and only had time to snap these before he and I both left the place.I got a look at the brakes,all painted flat black and they were good sized rotors.Car had a pano roof and alot of odd holes covered with black duct tape on the body.Grill was flat black as well as the wheels,brake calipers and most of the small trim pieces.Cant remember but I thought I saw dual exhaust tips tucked under,what looked to be a bumper that didnt belong to this exact car.Car also had a deep sound to the exhaust.The front bumper had a nice size air intake on both sides of the lower air dam area.The rear of the trunk had a long German word acrossed the right rear in the place of the C?? badge.Also the front wheels were 18in or soand the rears were 16-17in and different styles.Michigan plates on the car.Not positive but I'd say this might be a C63
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Yes the driver was in the car and watching me closely as I spotted the car and drove around it twice.

If you take Avalon blvd south from the 405 frwy,there is an MB corporate facility on the North side of Avalon about a 1/2 mile down the road.In the back of the building there are alot of awaiting MB's just sitting there in the back lot.Some what in privacy but you can see most of them from the gate.I also saw 2-3 other cars that were disguissed behind the gate there,but didnt have time to take a better look. :(
Roupin said:
You shoulda raced it!!
Wasnt in my E55...I would have got waxed badly.
JmanE55 said:
Looks good. Is this C63 de-tuned some how cuz it might beat out its older brother E63/E55. :eek:hnoes:
Rumor is 475hp and 465tq.
I'll go.
1 - 5 of 40 Posts
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