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335i vs Audi s4 & e46 m3

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2 seperate stories, real brief... I don't usually tell these fake ass stories but you know.. :D

Sunday night, clairemont mesa's 15 South onRamp, i get a little rev from a Mustard e46 m3 for a go, but he ended up taking off first. I was able to catch up and pass him by 3 car lengths by the time i was on the freeway.

Another one, Monday at noon on the 163 north right before the 805 junction, an 05 Audi s4 wouldnt let me change lanes the nice way, so i from 50mph+ we had a go and i i made my lane change pretty easily in front of him.

:wtf: :dunno:

btw im chipped :eek:hnoes:
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Anyone? myRandomCar & myMBonline night time top secret yogurt run?

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