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88-89 Vette / SL500

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So I got two races under my belt today...

The first was a convertible 88-89 Corvette. From a roll we were pretty much running dead even. Off the line the Vette just got up and walked away. I think he had a little over a solid carlength on me by 70mph (totally guessing here). Maybe Murtaza can confirm the details if I'm wrong.

The second race was against a 2005 SL500. The SL pretty much walked one carlength in 1st gear, one more in 2nd, and then the gap stayed constant in 3rd. I was expecting to lose though, so it was all in good fun.

I need more torque. :thumbdown:
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N-O-S :chronic: :nitrous:
Dunno. I'd love to juice it, but I'd be concerned about stupid ESP and how it likes to intervene at all times. As soon as it cuts the fuel while I'm squeezing the funny button, BOOM :wall:

1st step...Powerchip.
From a roll you were pulling away from the vette a tiny bit; off the line he had you...then again, he didn't have any 200lb passengers :thumbup:

I'm thinking of powerchipping this mofo to, its something like 500 bucks right?
Yeah Powerchip is about $600 I think.
I don't know a lot about those C4s. They came with LT1s and LT4s right?
The 89 had a TPI engine, 4 speed auto (or 6 speed stick), was a torque monster but just couldn't breathe properly up top. My friend had an 87 at one point so I learned a whole bunch jsut messing with that.

im telling you, custom headers, full stailess steel 2 3/4 in exhaust, custom CAI and dyno tune :D

well over 300hp, i would guess
I got the last 2 planned. Headers will not be worth it, and I won't buy a used E55 stock exhaust for the 1k they are going for. I don't see enough gains to go for that.

I think I might punch out the resonators next. I made a thread with some (hopeful) logic...
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