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I have a '92 400E in excellent condition. Used as every day car. I have a key/lock issue: 2 years ago, my regular ignition keys stopped functioning in the ignition. Still worked on door and trunk locks. Trying to work with the then inept Benz dealer was a bust. He said he "won't work on vintage cars". Found a good independent Benz mechanic who was puzzled by the problem. He talked to Germany (he's German) and still could not find an answer, so we changed the ignition lock. Seemed to work. In the last few months, it has developed that the original1 of the 2 original ignition keys will not work on the doors or trunk. The other key will work on the passenger door and trunk, but neither will operate all 5 locks as they should. The valet key works just fine on drivers door, but not ignition, as that lock was changed 2 years ago.
Has anyone had a similar problem, and if so, what was the fix?
My thought is that the keys are slowly wearing out, but they don't show wear. Was Benz putting chips in keys back in '92?
Have an appointment with the new Benz dealer in June, but would appreciate any feed back I can get.

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