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997 S v. E46 M3

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this happened last night on ventura

i pull up to a new m3 (no plates) sitting at a light. the light turns green, i roll out slowly and wait for him. he realizes it and floors it, i follow,i quickly tied him and then began pulling ahead, we ran to about 90 or so. i had him by about 6 cars.

then we caught another red light, i looked over and so did the passenger (chick in her 30's maybe), i gave them a thumbs up and she told the dude (i guess cause she turned to him). light turns green and this guy launches hard, wheelspin and everything (not too much, its was actually a very good launch), i wasnt ready at all. i give chase, he was about 1 1/2 cars ahead by the time i went wot and my revs climbed high enough (>3000) to where it really pulls. i caught up to him by about 70 and began pulling ahead, he got out of it.
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Nice ownage!!!
Can't believe I missed this thread. Good stuff Vadim!
thank you guys
:rofl: thats a good kill

yesterday i was drivin and i see a black dinan BMW and a bike. the BMW floors it the bike was like wtf and tries to catch up to the BMW the bike cought up to him on the next light i was more far behind so i catch up too on the ligth we were all ligned up but the BMW and the Bike were talkin and did not even see me lol so the light turns green they still talkin so i floored it and when the bike heard me take off he tried to catch up to me the BMW was like F*** this he did not even step on it too bad i did not make it to the next light
but i won i dont care its not my fault they did not pay attention to the light and that there was a mercedes that they did not even see ready to race lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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