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A set of custom wheels can dramatically change the look of your Mercedes, give it an exquisite aesthetic appeal and provide you with a smooth, dynamic ride experience. If this upgrade is on your wish list, consider a set of XIX Exotic Wheels available at CARiD! XIX Exotic Alloys is poised to take over the high-end tuner market. Because of the exceptional quality and strong structural integrity, XIX wheels are on the right path for taking over the high-end tuner wheel market leaving the competition in the dust.

Stylish and refined, XIX rims are the pinnacle of custom wheel design. Cast or flow-formed from high-grade alloy, these top-quality aftermarket rims are engineered for lightweight stability and solid performance. The wheels manufactured by XIX Exotic Alloys do set a new high standard and quickly become the trendiest upgrade in the tuner community.

XIX EXOTIC® - X63 Gloss Black with SS Lip

XIX EXOTIC® - X61 Matte Bronze with Black Lip

XIX EXOTIC® - X51 Matte Black

XIX EXOTIC® - X59 Gloss Black with SS Lip

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