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Another capri blue....

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added to the Empire Clan :D
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What? Where???
If he means what I think he means, that's gonna be :thumbup:
Or did he add an S?

We could rename him to "Three Stars Strong". :D
Jay conveniently disappeared :dunno:

Maybe he's out on a :drive:

BTW, Capri Blue FTW!!!!!!! :D
Spill the beans J. :hmm:
seriously are a pimp mang!!!!

Pics or :ban:

:bow: :bow: :bow:
My cuz picked it up at Caliber couple of weeks ago. We swap cars all the time but when I drove it, felt like I'm 50 years old because it's too smooth and the seat is like an airplane. May be because it wasn't the S65. I'm gonna bring it down to SD to drive around cuz he wants to test out the new power of my 55.
Can I be your cousin too? You can have my E350 anytime and as long as you want :rofl:
nice congrats to yer cousin...and to you too fer bein able to pimp it!!!
Did Nick get a new car?
Pics of the Capri Blue beauty!
congrats on the new car! but what's capri blue like? i dont think i've seen them around here in australia.
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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