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Anyone who can install my C/O

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Just like the topic states, can anyone do it? I know assan can do it but I wanna know if anyone has any prior experience and can do it for tips or for free. I know some of my friends have done their own C/O but since mine is a euro so it's different (from what I've heard). So if any can help out lemme know, thanks.
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I'd help you out but don't have the right tools. :(

Hit up Dut. I'm sure he'll charge a small price but a lot cheaper than most. He likes dumpin' cars. :thumbup:
I haven't touched an MB, but I am pretty sure its "self-explanitory" as most cars are. Also, when I lower a car the car won't leave my garage without tucking tire at least. ;)
It's not that difficult. Just make sure you have that one tool for the top nut. I'm sure "someone' here can let you borrow it for a day if he doesn't want to do the job himself. Ask to make sure though.
Nice edit. Do I have that power? I was gonna, but wasn't sure.
You should. Uber mod. ;)
what kind of tool is it? what does it look like?
Here's a pic


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So anyone have it that I can borrow? :)

Once I get this installed, I'll take pics. Wait, this AND when I get my hood fixed.
So yeaaaaaahhhh...... Anyone got this? I wanna get my C/O's installed soon. Also, can anyone help me do this? I'll pay some labor cash? :D
You can alway come to us if you want rather have a shop do the installation for you. Let me know and we'll put you down in the books.
PM sent
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