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awww yeah who needs AMG???

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when you have C280 POWAR!!!!!

just picked up some dubs. black on black ftw.


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DAEWOO FOO. i mean nah man you trippin. thats a benz. those are dubs. stop hating.
I bet lots of chicks would fall for it HAHA
man, thats slick. I wonder if they have a Kimchi or Galbee edition of that benz!
Kimchi with spam fried rice FTW!!
That reminds me, I haven't had Kimchi for like 2 years.

Thats the new body C-CLASS for 2008.
i know i know. its not as ballin as you AMG guys, but it gets me from A to B..

in style!
SDSilverM3 said:
Kimchi with spam fried rice FTW!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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