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C5 Z06 (405) v. 997S

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on my way to school today, im sitting at a red light and there is a silver c5 in front of me. i was hoping it was a z06 and he would run b/c the st we were turning on just starts and is mostly empty, although cop infested. we make the right, all of a sudden i see the rear of the z06 move over couple of feet as it struggles for traction :wtf: , as soon as its pointing straight, i floor it. we go through the first 3 gears (about 110 or so), the whole time the gap stays the same , i was surprised he didnt pull away at all, 405hp and very close weight wise. we stop at the next light, side by side, i look over and see that the driver is in his 60's , i start crackin up :lol: , we roll down our windows and he says "nice car", i reply; "thank you, likewise". the light turns green.... he says "we shouldnt do it again", i was ready w/ psm off , but if i said lets go and something wouldve happened i wouldve felt like an idiot . we slowly rolled off, enjoying our (real :stickout: ) sports cars.
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Sweet run Vadim! I think I know what street you're talking about :D

I've had countless races on that street, and a few run-ins with the cops as well. :(
Nice one Vadim. :thumbup:
Thank you guys
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