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C55 vs 335i ...

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well.. shit.. uninstalled my POS chip btw.. but regardless of that.. uhm..

I was driving to visit my parents, noticed a familiar black C55 (a guy from the neighborhood) on black wheels.

335 FTMFL!!!! haha. His car is quick.

Ling keep your car away from me.

is that a die story?..

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Rematch after Vishnu upgrade. :thumbup:

Against him that is. :D
Bah, pointless to run in my car. I can't launch the bitch.
AMG_55 said:
SDSilverM3 said:
Bah, pointless to run in my car. I can't launch the bitch.
how come? dont you have t1r's?
Yeah, but I still light them up.

Roupin said:
From a roll then. Don't tell me you have traction problems at 40mph :rofl:
I can do that. :D
They're inflated to 35 psi front and rear.

I never really try to burn out in them. Almost down to wear bars.
Shiet, I'm not looking to bend any of my wheels. LOL! I'm already scared when I run 32psi sometimes.

Vadim your 38 in the front would make my teeth chatter. :eek:hnoes:
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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