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C63 Let the mods begin

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Picked up the C63. When it stops raining I'll post pics. Mild mods I have in mind:
1. ECU reprogramming. Are these plug and play chips or does the ECU have to be flashed. Will a dealer know if its been flashed or chip even if returned to stock programming.
2. Suspension. I know there are plenty of aftermarket kits, but I like the stealth stock look (as does my Service advisor for warranty issuess). Is the ROW strut and spring set lower and were might it be available.
3. The nav system is awesome except for 2 things. On MY 2009 the Ipod menu does not display on the 7" led screen. It displays in the speedo screen and needs to be controlled by the steering wheel buttons. On MY 2010 the entire ipod menu can be displayed on the 7 led and controlled with the console knob. Does anyone know if a dealer can update the software to change this. It's also nice to have a DVD player in the front except for at 3mph the screen goes dark. I know the MBZ won't change this, but are there any indepent car audio shops that know how to do this.
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A few other mods have been done to the 996TT since the pic. In addition to the PSS10's, I went with ball joint rear adjustable control arms and toe stear arms. Adjustable ball joint drop links with H&R bars. Changed all the wheel outers from chome to hight polish with clear coat (don't ever get chrome wheels, or 3 piece wheels over 18" me on this one). Speedtech exhaust (finally I can hear the engine over the turbos whine). A moderate flash is next (only looking for 80-100hp increase on pump gas).
Washed the car and got the camera out:

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