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CF Lips??

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Yo Len, do you at least have any pics of you are thinking of doing?
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I'm finally off work today, so I'll have some for you this afternoon.
Dammit, I just spent half an hour looking for a picture of CF pussy lips. Damn Google didn't find sh!t :wall:
Ok I hope this is what you were asking for, Jangster.


Thanks again for the Photoshop, Ling!
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Holy Shit, Len. Very Nice!! You should post that in MBworld
Hey Len: any update on these? I'm going to post the pics on MBWorld to get a feel for interest.
How manydifferent bumper options are there for the 124?
You should make something for the 05 coupe ;)
You bastards are distracting Leonard too much!! Haha!!
No you don't Len. Do what you enjoy. We'll get to the W211 when you have time and when we want to sell a few.
Lensolo said:
Seriously!!! :slap: Gotta do the 211 first.
Ow. hah.
Lensolo said:
How manydifferent bumper options are there for the 124?
i believe there are 2....maybe just maybe 3......i know for sure that the difference is between a regular W124 and a 500E/E500 W124 bumper....the third maybe be the bumper on pre-cladding W124's.....lemme check with Chris...

Oh yeah.. Jangy, I forgot that I had these! Still need to trim and finish. But, they're there. The top one is article 1 with a slit in the fabric because I thought I needed it. The bottom one shows I clearly don't.
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I have no clue what all that means, but when can we fit it on my car?

I also just remembered the CF box pics. I will send them tonight!!

pics on car FTW!~!
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