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Check out this video

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Auto manufacturers to install 'International Police Odometer Detection' software in 2008 models...

It may be obvious to you what this is, but my bet is that there will be a few people outraged at this one :) Just wait and watch the comments fly on Youtube ;)

If you feel so inclined, a good rating, link or comment might help fuel the 'fire' :D
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either im moving back to russia where no one gives a fuck what you do as long as you know people and have $ or im gonna get used cars from now on :dunno:
i posted a comment on youtube but its not showing up :dunno:

do you have the approval thingy enabled?
Hahaha, nice ID3 tag. ;)
Comments are set to automatic, but I think that Youtube's system is pretty slow posting them sometimes...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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