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I have done my fare share of installations for over 10 years so i have gather up all this information to help people out here in the forum. Also to try and stop all the new threads about audio information (probably wont but at least it will be a place to point them to)

Dash Parts

01-04 C.. Single Din (Metra Part #)

01-04 C.. Double Din (Metra Part#)

01-04 C... Harness (Metra Part#)

01-04 C.. Antenna Adapter (Metra Part#)

05 and up C.. Single Din (Scosche Part #)

05 and up C.. Double Din (Scosche Part #)

05 and up C.. Radio Harness (Scosche Part #)

05 and up C.. Antenna Adapter (Metra Part #)

Speaker Colors

Left - (-,+) Brn/Green - Green
Right - (-,+) Brn/Orange - Orange

Left - (-,+) Brn/Pink - Pink
Right - (-,+) Brn/White - White

Factory Woofer.
(-,+) Purple/Blk - Purple

Steering Wheel Controls

Steering wheel modules retain and can be re-programmed if wished

Vol - UP
Vol - Down
Track - Up
Track - Down
Phone option works too if bluetooth is available
Phone buttons when not in use:
Pick up - Source
Hang up - Mute

PAC-Audio will definitely work on the 01-04 models I have installed it on Charles Coupe.

SWI-CAN - Can Bus adapter

Plus specific radio adapter.

For Eclipse Radios..

For Alpine, Kenwood, Clarion, and JVC Radios

For Pioneer, Sony, Jensen, and Dual

All C-Class Steering Wheel Control Module. This modeule works 100% but may need to update the software so if buying online beware. I have the program and wires. I also have it installed on my 05 and Rolands C as well..

Adding Bass with Factory Radio

High to Low Converter:

This will use the speaker leads to give you the RCA plugs to add amp.. but will still need to run a remote wire (typically the accesory wire in the ignition switch ir tap to the blck/yellow at cigarette lighter)

High to Low Converter with remote out.

This will use the speaker leads to give you the RCA plugs to add amp and a remote out so no need to tap into cig. lighter or acc in switch

If your in the LA area pm me i can get better deals and can also install for a better price (mods feel free to delete this if its not appropriate) :thumbup:

Hope this helps.

Mods make sticky if you like if not it will be in the search...

Ill add more as I remember...

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Ive jst joined the forum today actually, but have been all over the web looking for the most correct answers and ways! Ive got a 97 c280 w202 sport, and already had not so good help from a few knw-it-alls...((1 who actually took me for $100))...and ive gotten the pioneer cd player hooked up to the factory speakers and amp. And out of all the info ive seen, u look like youre at the top of the game!!! Im wanting to hook up an amp, and a subwoofer..which is 2- 10" pioneer subs boxed and duoble ported. Thus my question if u would please help me, as to its been over a month in me tryin to get this done!!! How do i hook up this amp and sub,..((before the factory amp, after, or tying into it, etc.!!?)).. while keeping the factory amp and speakers..which is bose, thats already hooked up to the aftermarket pioneer cd unit!!??
Please help, as to i would greatly appreciate It!!!
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