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Clips for site trailer

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SDSilverM3 said:
Thanks, glad you all liked it. Hopefully future ones will be better. :)

Arjang, I'll probably need the raw files on DVD. Upload speed on RoadRunner would take forever to transfer. ;)
What do you mean by raw? the *.m2ts or the mpeg-2? I can burn them (I think).
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mpeg2 with the least amount of compression.
I'll do it. What do you use to edit? I am finding that Windows Media player and Windows Movie maker don't have the right codecs.
I use Windows Movie Maker. Haven't had to use anything too fancy yet.

I was able to view your videos before so I don't think I'll have an issue.
What codec you use? Mine says I need a MPEG-2 two codec? I ma need to get my shit checked out.
Video Codec: Windows Media Video 9

The one you were using was something else though.
Where do you get: Windows Media Video 9 codec? I am running Windows Media 11.
Arjang, the codec that was used to play the Mustang vs Jay video was CyberLink Video/SP Decoder.

It comes with the DVD player software. I believe it's called PowerDVD by Cyberlink. You might have a copy that came with your laptop.

BTW, I'm splitting this thread into multimedia. :)
Holy cow, I have a CD to install PowerDVD by Cyberlink. Do I install it all or just the codec part? SWEET!!!
I would install the player as well.
Ooooo a site trailer eh? Can't wait.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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