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CLK 63 Black Series from Mercedes Official Photos

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This is an official write up from Mercedes, regarding the new Black CLK..

This is for sure my next car. :clap:


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that's nothing short of badass. Hope they bring it here :dunno:
They better
Very nice...I can only imagine the $$$$. I will be at the NY autoshow AMG preview night and I am hoping this is one of the two cars they are going to debut. I will take lots of pix........
Nice. :thumbup:
whoa, so thats gonna be released in the US? beautiful car!
Simply beautiful and bada$$. I hope it won't be a European exclusive. MB needs to bring the black series vehicles to the US asap.
It would help if I spoke German.
I would love it if I could see some pics...but i can't...

but then again i know what it looks like...and it's hot :)
Here are better pictures of it. Ignore the lightbar :rofl:

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missing the bumper vents :wack: :D

anyone know how much? im guessing 130

i dont see the point of getting a benz that thats sporty/focused, its still a 4000lb auto benz :dunno:
I wonder how much they'll go for. $30k markup anyone? :thumbdown:
prolly around there roupin...I wouldn't be surprised if some dealers went as high as 50k...
wow. that's my new dream car.

So, Are we actually getting these in the states?
honestly...I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't...
1 - 20 of 56 Posts
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