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CLK DTM on Mulholland HWY.

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Just found this
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I'll take one in white! :D

I embedded the video for you. Thanks for sharing. :thumbup:
Swuueeeetttt. Thanks for sharing. :clap:
i know noel and john

i took a c280 loaner to mulholland hwy once and met them there, we chatted for like an hour, the only reason we stopped talking/hangin out was b/c it got very cold :D

noel has a sick 996 gt3 w/ a cage and huge cf wing and john rides a ducati 999 (special edition race bike replica). real cool guys :thumbup:

im guessing its the same dudes :dunno:

thanks for the vid Ed.

i will post a copy in the garage vid thread
I didn't know there was such an event to begin with :wall:
Roupin said:
I didn't know there was such an event to begin with :wall:
Yes Sir...INVITE ONLY!!! :D
me 2
How about inviting the CLK DTM Coupe & Cabrio to the ROSE BOWL Meet on the 12th....

I'll pay for a ride around the BOWL !
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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