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Been Working on the Wifes Car With Steve AKA MBENZNL for a while...

Here are some of the Other OE MB items added

220 parktronic
289 wood leather steering wheel (with leather airbag)
388 UHI phonesystem with bluetooth puc
390 voice recognition
401 ventilated seats
433 drive dynamic driverside seat
434 drive dynamic pass side seat
443 heated steering wheel
475 tire pressure monitor system
500 power folding sidemirrors
527 euro DVD comand with nav drive
614 bi xenon headlights WITH functioning auto levelling feature
810 HK soundsystem
860 TV tuner
881 trunklid closer
882 interior motion sensor
Full AMG E55 Body Kit Bumpers/side skirts
AMG E55 Quad Exhaust
AMG Brakes ..Eight Piston set up for the front and Four piston in the rear
Working on the LARGER 030 Factory option Brakes
19 inch AMG Multipiece rims to clear the larger brakes

Gettn There

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Roupin said:
You sir, have lots of petience.

Do you have a picture of the car?
WOW... That's a lots of MODs Mark.

Now can we see some pictures? :thumbup:

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Impressive list of mods and welcome aboard Mark. :thumbup:

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phatmitzu said:
Now thats what I call LOADED with options! :thumbup:

I thought you got the model updated trunk panel too? Thanks for your PMs, I got mine :)

What is "882 interior motion sensor"
IMS is a Motion Sensor that flips down when the car is locked to detect any motion from Glass breakage and or IF one leaves the windows down it will detect any movement inside the car...

The W211` IMS replaces the center dome light assy

Another feature the US cars do NOT Get....Ahhh Marketing
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