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I`m looking for a very quick and simple way to maintain protection on cars in Florida and South Texas. I`ve just discovered CarPro Hydro2Foam through a video by Apex Detail. Doesn`t look like it gets much easier than that and should protect the plastic as well as the paint?

Basically, my dad is 74 and washes his and my mom`s cars (new Acura and Lexus SUVs) when they need it.. at least once a month. He washes with the hose and a bucket of store bought car suds and a mitt of some sort. That`s all he ever does or ever has done. It would seem to me, if he used the hydro2foam in his bucket he`d be getting some good protection too as long as he doesn`t let it dry on the car.

What do you all think? I wouldn`t even mind using it after I polish my cars so I don`t have to do any extra work after that stage and can maintain the shine and protection as long as possible.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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