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History: my 2016 E350 4Matic Wagon, a CPO car bought in Nov 2021, starts leaking on the inside of the windshield in late July 2022. Dealer's mechanic says the windshield's come unbonded from the body, should be replaced; $1600. Dealer says it's not covered under the CPO warranty. I'm gobsmacked. Contact MB customer service. They tell me it's the dealer's call, dealer says it's MB's decision. ?? MB sends me to the selling dealer (different market), they say they're not responsible as it happened some 8 months after purchase. I can't argue, but they offer $250 out of consideration and I accept. MB offers me a $153 discount on the $1600 windshield replacement, but it's a discount not a check, so only good if the work's done at the dealer's. By this time it's late September. Safelite's top of the line job is $1000 and I schedule it. The day before the Safelite installation the electronics go haywire; water incursion into the control modules, which are under the driver's feet/carpet. In the weeks and months of back-and-forth no one ever said a word re that danger. Car is bricked. MB won't cover it.

How a CPO car with 40k miles isn't warrantied to be water tight is beyond me and everyone I've talked to. But it appears I have little to no recourse.

Don't trust Mercedes Benz.
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