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Dumped S600 Spotted 405 South Gucci Interior

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Coming home from LA today and spotted this thing.

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The Godfather said:
Carlsson rear lip, Moven wheels. Gay.

not bad, at least in the pic

i saw an e55 that was so low i thought airmatic had failed :thumbup:
Roupin said:
Probably a rebadged S430 :rofl:
with an armo driving :rofl: :clap:
i really doubt someone who knows what a s600 is would put gucci fabric interior...but i can be wrong...he could be a nba basketball player. anyways, agreed with Godfather...GAY :piss:
^ nah foo... was another chinese dood.
then i'll shut my mouth cause i dont wanna get shot. LOL
i think i know that car. i think its that s430. 2001 with the 2003 healdights and tailights and some body upgrades. i think it looks cool beside the fact that it says s600. i like the moven wheels, but i would never be so bold to lower the car that much.
Roupin said:
Probably a rebadged S430 :rofl:
HAHAHAHA...I was spot on :clap:
It's not the 4.3 that's funny, it's the 're-badged' part :)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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