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E55 and 997S: Compared

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Today I met up with Vadim, and had the opportunity to ride in both his cars, and of course I had my E350 as well.

First of all, I was having fun throwing corners and turns in the canyons on my way there. I was hauling ass in the nice Cali weather and was testing the limits of my car. It sticks quite well, despite the understeer and body lean.

Then I went for a ride in Vadim's Porsche. I'm not sure how to compare it to the E class, since it's really not comparable. The car isn't too fast in a straight line, BUT it sticks like hell in turns. Coming from the E, my first reaction to the first corner he threw was we're going to understeer and slide over the edge (mountain road, no guardrail). The car handled the turn nicely without even a chirp, nor did it even step out an inch...front or back. A bunch of turns later I was simply amazed at the grip this car has and stopped wondering if we're going to fly off the edge. It's really something else, and the thrill of the canyons exaggerate the fun of course.

Now, the E55 is a brute monster, but I truly don't think any E class with be able to hang with the P at the limits though. The AMG pulls like hell, whereas the P just doesn't pull all that hard in 3rd gear and up. The AMG's advantage is its straight line performance, but in turns it's just too heavy...and its balance doesn't help it either.

Everyone should jump in Vadim's car and go for a ride at least once in their lifetime. Shit, the guy could sell the thrill rides and it'll be worth it. I could feel the G's in my chest right off the bat, more than some freakin rollercoasters. The car is crazy, but the driver is even crazier. The way he shifts makes the car sound like an SMG.

My E350 felt very mundane the rest of the time, but I tried to make the most of it. I see a Porsche weekend racer in my future.
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Yes Hes Definitely crazy. Many of our friends refuse to get in a car with him when hes driving :dunno: :thumbup:
Same here...cause I look forward to RACING him!! I need to catch him driving a wuss car though, cause there's no chance I'm keeping up with that thing.
Vadim is one heck of a drver. The P-car dos have great potential and is quite presice, but it takes a master driver to get that potential out. I've spanked many a 911s, and it is really rare to come accross someone who can get as much from it as he does.

Keep one thing in mind before you stereotype like you do. Balance is something that ANY car can have tweaked. Mine has slight oversteer in my favored setup. So, don't just spat that the potential is not there due to balance. The weight is ultimately what can not be faked.
Jangy, my comparison was just that, a comparison. I have seen many threads in the past over at MBW comparing these two cars, and it's with that mindset that I posted it. I'm not talking smack about your car, since yours is modded compared to Vadim's stock E55. This was the 1st time I got a hard drive in a 997S, and I guess I'm just freakishly impressed about it.

However, I have never before felt that kind of "stick" in a car, and it's amazing how hard the car really corners. A simple right turn around an intersection does't demonstrate its abilities, its the transitions that make this car shine. For example, my E will start to grossly oversteer after a few hard switches, whereas this thing just kept asking for more. I agree with you on the driver skill part though. Once I got an idea how well it handles, there were some turns that even I know he could have taken at higher speeds.

In the end though, the E55 just weighs alot. It's remarkable it's that fast in a straight line to begin with, since it's that heavy and is on moderately narrow tires, but it knows how to do its job. I know for a fact though that any AMG, short of a heavily modded SLK55, would not be able to keep up with the P when going flat out in the canyons though.
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Hahaha. You know I love your car. I'm a drag racer at heart. These corners are fun partly because I've never been a corner carver before and this is a new aspect of driving I've never explored.

I've always run softy suspensions, 20-25 psi in the rear tires and learned to launch like a mofo. Nothing like hauling down the freeway at 140+ having a hard time staying in your own goddamn lane :wall: All that and I've paved half the streets in LA with my tires :rofl:
You need to come to one of our Palomar runs. Vadim knows I respect him. That isn't the point. The real point is how well I think the E handles on moderate truns. Tight twisties, sure. But, anything with just enough straights and I am right back in it.
I'd love to see your car too. One of these days, I'll be there at Palomar :thumbup:

Does the E63 have any significant handling gains over the E55, other than a different computer tune for the suspension?
It has no differnt computer tune. It also does not have the active steering. Don't compare any E to mine. It ain't fair.

We'll hook up and you'll get why I am so defensive on the HANDLING on my ride. The power is a given.
Nahh man, don't be defensive. It's all in good sport. Some cars do things better than others. That's why I like so many different cars. Each one has a strength which I like it for.

Look how much I love my Buick. It carries no status symbol, it doesn't look sexy, it handles like a schoolbus, but I adore the damn thing. With a strong launch I can stay with a Impreza WRX with a clutch drop. That's what I love that car for.
Man I love the 997's....sooooo nice!!!
That they are. Vadim's is a hot one, too. The interior is much improved over the 996.
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