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**E55 Picture Thread**

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Please post all pictures of your ride here... :D
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Ling, start it off by posting Jay's car. :D
Nice! I pop up a few everday shots and you have to throw down the home run right off the bat! lol
LOL! Sorry, Jay's car doesn't get out much. :D
Damn, Jay must have been driving @ 100 mph in that pic. :p
JRocket: that tire smoking pic is pretty sweeeet!!
jangy said:
JRocket: that tire smoking pic is pretty sweeeet!!
Thats from the Fontana drag day that you missed out on.
Very nice. We will have many events planned. R and I will try and make them as cheap as possible. I have no issues with the business side of me paying as long as we can cover our asses.
John, were your pics taken at the Lennar building in Corona? I drove past it today and it looked reallllly familiar.
No,I think Lennar is the next exit.This building is right off Magnolia and the 15frwy.
My Fifty-Five

Here's my toy...


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dut said:
Back sagging?
Nothing the lowering module can't fix.
Most of the Airmatic cars do that when lowered. I think the height is the same, but the rear wheelwell sits lower in relation to the tires.
dut said:
Back sagging?
Yeah, I had a couple of the girls in the trunk... :D J/K.

Here's another one w/the stock wheels.

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That thing looks evil.

Tint the windshield!
Here's one of Group5's car (belongs to Dut's friend Ali).

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1 - 20 of 122 Posts
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