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E55 v. Porsche Cayman

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Tonight on my home I was coming up through traffic when I saw what appeared to be a young guy driving a new Porsche Cayman(?)possibly.As I started to pass(2 lanes going both ways)he dropped down a gear and was getting on and off the throttle,while glimpsing over at me.Now I have been know to go hunting for fun and usually all I get is an occasional Honda big wing civic with some pimple headed chain smoking kid driving it,looking at me like I was a waste of his gas.BUT not tonight,this guy actually called me out and I didn't hesitate to even look over to see what EXACTLY he was driving,I just flat footed it.Knowing that I'm in one of the most impressive factory built sedans that I have ever driven I wasn't worried for some reason,especially since we were rolling about 45mph or so when I footed it.The car did just what I expected it to do at that mph,dropped a few gears and flat out took off.What I didn't expect to see was the fading of P lights behind me all the way up to 145-150ish,btw thats the fastest Ive ever been in my beast by at least 60mph.I'm not all that big on mph stuff,I'm more into the 1/4 mile racing so too make a run like this and look down to see 148 was definitely a shock to there WAY faster than I would have ever thought it being able to.So my question is,"Did I get lucky and find a moron at the wheel of a fast p car,or did I get a solid kill"?

This actually happened 2-3 months back but a difference of opinions got it moved over on the other site.So I took it down from there.

It was the funniest kill I have had to date though.My wife was driving the 55 the very next day and saw the exact same guy.She said he almost snapped his neck trying to get a second glimpse of the 55! Now thats funny. :D
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lol, dude you should run the Mindover Cayman with 997S motor transplant. That thing is quick!
I bet it is.

The cayman I beat was my one and only really good kill.I never get lucky enough to have a sucker even try to race me.
I get ZERO suckers.
My wife's 335i should be at the dealer next week.We need to run your car and hers after I get it.....then after I get it tuned.
The C55 should stomp on a stock 335i. Are there good mods out for it yet? I would assume you could do great things with it. i like the looks too. Very sleaper.
LOL, not with my 19" wheels on.

Should be a high 12 sec car with the right combinations.

Any of those names look familiar? lol
Killing suckers is the absolute best feeling ever. GREAT kill OP! I love when people aren't scared to flatfooting it past 60mph :thumbup:

BUT, you guys really think an E55 is a sleeper? Try this....

Now, that's a big freakin Buick. 10 inches longer than an S Class. BUT, it's rear wheel drive, with an LT1 and weighs 4k pounds. I have the same boat, but in white. I run softy rear springs on my car, zero pressure in the rear shocks, and 24 psi in the whitewalls. On a grippy surface it squats like mad and I can almost get the driver's front tire off the ground. Now THAT's a sleeper :D

Here's one with minor mods plus NOS...

:rofl: :drive: :D
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Jrocket said:
I LOVE IT!! That's really slick. :bow: :thumbup:

My only gripe on the GN engines is how they sound.

Now if I were him, I'd scrape off the Hoosier lettering, have the stock wheels widened and have the slicks whitewalled. That's the route I'm taking with mine :thumbup: :drive:
Nice kill...

I never get any play one wants to run...
Benzoboi said:
Nice kill...

I never get any play one wants to run...
I feel the same way. The other night I tried to race some Integra for fun, we were doing 100 next to each other. Then he exited.
ppl never fvck with me in the 55 :(

in the 330 i get ppl in faster car's always wanting to race but i alwayse end up getting demolished :(
Doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile...winning is winning... LOL

I wish people wanted to run me too...I never get anyone who wants to run...and when I find someone I want to run...he doesn't want to run...
^ok Vin LOL
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