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I never really heard much about it...Until i had to reserching my stalling problem.I read you should adjust this if your car is running poorly(hard starts,poor acceleration & milage ,ect)Well,I have to tell you guys that after turning it a little more than a quarter.The car accleration is way better.I no longer have to press the gas to start.And it hasnt given me any heat issue stalls.I'm not siked yet though. everytime I think the cars good, something alse pops up. :eek:hnoes:
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Hmm.....and how do you adjust the EHA Valve? Unless we need to go to the garage and all ?
Its pretty simple.The EHA valve is that little black box on back of the fuel distribiter.simply unscrew the to #25 torx bolts.Then look for a brass flat head screw(on the black box).You have to remove the screw to get to the adjustment which uses a 2mm allen key.Using the 2mm allen key turn clock wise a 1/4 turn....

heres a link
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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