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Electrical Problem with lighting

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So at first I get this malfunction warning coming up for my license plate bulb (right).

I was like okay. I'll take it in to get the bulb change when I take it in for Service B (which is in 600miles).

I got in my car earlier. Turned it on. I notice my right headlamp bulb flickering (xenon) and then as I was driving home. It shut off.

I got out of my car and noticed that the license plate bulbs are working. So im like wth??

Looks like the bulbs decided to take turns not working.

This is not the first time the headlamps has blown out. It has done so many times. gahhh This is gonna be my 4th time taking my car in for headlamp problems!!!!
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Damn, that blows. Who do you take the car to?
what did they do the previous times it came in for the headlamp problem? replace any parts? software? etc.....
they replaced the bulbs the first time. and then replaced the bulbs again. and then changed the entire headlamp system. They said they shipped in new parts from germany.

I take my car to the mercedes dealership on Balboa by the 163

I'm letting my warranty take care of all the problems. Anyone have a lot of electrical problems?
MBSD? Who you take it to there? That ain't normal at all. These MBs have all sorts of issues, but not that.


If not, try a new SA / Tech. The right combo means the world.
your tail lamp problem may be due to a malfunction rear sam(rear fuse box). there are actually bulletins for this issue that may require a reflash of the unit or possibly replacement. the headlight issue MAY also be related to the rear sam but not totally sure.
imma take it over to mbsd tomorrow and see what they say. thankss
If you can lemon it you can upgrade to the CLK550 :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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