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Eurorev's New Project! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME

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The new 63 will be our new PROJECT CAR. =) Do not try this at home thou!


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chutoyy, you beat me to it :)
is it me or does this look like an expensive failboat?

no wonder they wont show pix.
ReMoLeXi said:
is it me or does this look like an expensive failboat?

no wonder they wont show pix.
I believe, they are pissed because The e63 came out, and that is basically what they made for twice the cost :rofl:
Why are you guy's still bumping this thread up? :hmm: I think we got the point that there hasn't been updates.
just realized that the 98-02 CLKs look like a two door Eclass...then 03-07 look like a half C class half E they got rid of the CLK Coupe and made an E-coupe..back to the original design from 98-02 CLK coupes..i dunno *shruggs*

but ive always wondered why didnt mb just made a C Coupe..not that hatchback coupe..but an actual saloon body with two doors...that would been sick..but instead they made a heavy looking E-coupe..personally don like the design..i like the Esedans better...ive been seein them around a lot lately and those LEDs are sexy!
I was at EuroRev last November and Vincent showed me a white C63 completely torn apart. I don't want to expose anymore details as to what you're doing but is this the same car?

Sorry, I had too
LMFAO, damn what an EPIC fail. Complete waste of money. Maybe a 4 door SLS is next? lol
while your at it, chopp off the rear end, and make the worlds first C63 HATCHback =] woohoo way to go to fuck up a nice fine piece of machine.
Will this finally debut in SEMA 2010?
AMG C63 coupe black series is out :)

sorry, just had to do it :)
101 - 116 of 116 Posts
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