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Feeler: OC Fusion Hookah Bar GTG

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Murtaza & I have been talking about gathering up a few people and have a little GTG at a Hookah Bar down here in Anaheim.

For those of you that are interested.

Please post within here and let us know when is a good time for you so we can all set something up.

I know the Owner pretty well and he's a fellow MB guy. He drives a E350...

So let me know!
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Id be in...where in oc is this place???
Sunday is good for me although i'll be recovering from st patrick's day, hangover^10. Friday evening might be doable to...

Benzoboi said:
Id be in...where in oc is this place???

On Brookhurst in between Ball & Broadway.

I live down the street. haha
shit why not...let me know when and unless I have school or work, I'll be there...haven't seen ya guys in a while!!!
damn sun i didn't know you Hookah. lol I thought you just partied it up with all your ladies 24/7 ballin it in the E55 roaming the streets of K-Town.

I'm down for anything this week or the future. LOL
I've only done it here and there...I wish I was on your level so I could party 24/7 with the ladies in ktown...You know me...I'm a pretty mellow guys...I'm not a slick talker like you are bud....remember I'm tryin to get on YOUR level here... :wack:

and plus you don't see me with tons of pics with different girls... :bow: :paranoid:
Hookah huh.....Hmmm sounds like it could be chill. I need to buy me one of those.
chrisdpham said:
I live down the street. haha
Lucky, i'd be there now if I lived that close :stickout:
Soooo... Who's down to smoke some Hoooookah damnit!?
<---count me in bro....
I'm in to of course, just depends on the date.
Shiiiet Ballin it up on a Hookah bar near you!

I think we should agree on a date and go from there people can get a heads up.

What days and times are good for you people?
just no thursday nite for me...i'm pretty much good any other day...
Sunday & Fridays would probably be good days.

We can grab something to eat before and head over to Fusion to relax.
Fri/Sat is no good this weekend but Sunday is clear :aroused:
I'm down for Sunday of this weekend.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday of next weekend is good for me as well.
now just give us an addy and time!!!
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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