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Ok I'm selling my Brembo brakes. Here's the low down. Fronts are 14.1" rears are 13.x (I forgot the exact dimensions).

Rotors are perfect. Brake pads are probably 80% new still if not more. These pads (I forgot the brand) yield very little dust, don't squeal or nothing.

Fronts, asking price: $2000 SOLD!!!
Rears, asking price: $1800 SOLD!!!

Front part number 1B1.8029A
Rear part number 2C1.6009A

Front Fits W210, W208, W202, R170 for sure.
Rears Fits W210, W208, W203, W209 for sure.

Calipers are red. Lettering on the fronts is black and on the rears is white.

AMG Steering Wheel (no airbag). Off of my 2000 E55 AMG.
Fits: W210/W208/G-Wagen/W202 (fits if you use multifunction 00+ W210 airbag)
It's not new. It has 137k miles haha. Make me an offer:

that's about it.

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Vadim, please PM Mike if there is an issue with price per the classifieds guidelines (price bashing). Thanks.
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