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FOR SALE: Three 1985 Classic MB 300D Turbos!

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WDBAB33C5FA256271. Silver, 178K.
WDBAB33C2FA261170. Silver, 235K.
WDBAB33C8FA271542. Metallic blue, 264K.
35+ yr ”classics”; garaged/tarped.
Alloy rims, spare parts, special tools, maint. library.
Titles clear.
Motors. Legendary Type 617, 5-cylinder, turbo-diesels. Never WVO or BioD.
Exhaust Systems. Complete, headers through tailpipes, excellent condition.
. Complete, intact, in excellent condition.
Spares, Tools, etc. Several large boxes of spares, OEM, new, used, consumables (fluids, diesel purge, filters, sealed beam headlights, fuses, lamps, etc.). Variety of special tools for engine tuning, vacuum system tester, etc.
Library. Extensive maintenance documentation, manuals, operating logs.
ALDACs, etc. Disconnected; banjo bolts cleaned; performance-tuned; 30+ mpg; chirp tires off the line.
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). NOT required.
  • Ready for immediate sale, as a package, entire, "as is"; no part-outs, no single vehicle sales.
  • Best offer over $12,500, cash.
  • New owner responsible for transport from ZIP 20905 area.
Contact: Email: [email protected]. Text only: 301.728.1115. Phone calls not answered.

Conclusion. Three great, classic, solid cars in storage, hence all need TLC. Motors will odo over a million miles…each.


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