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Fun With Telemarketers

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Do you guys mess with telemarketers when they call you? I get about 2-3 calls every day trying to sell me something.

Just a minute ago some telemarketer called in and just didn't understand that I'm not interested. She insisted on calling back and asked who she should ask for. I said "anyone" and she asked me to spell it :dunno: I spelled a-n-y-o-n-e and she then confirmed the spelling :wtf:

That's all the amusement I've had at work all day :(
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Telemarketing was my first job. Paid good at the time but dealt with people like you all day long. :D

Usually I know when they're calling. There's always a long pause at the beginning when I pick up so I let them say hello first like 5 seconds later. I just hit mute and they hang up. No hassle. :thumbup:
I actually talk to them sometimes and have fun with them. They sometimes really get into their 5 minute long pitches, so I let them finish and then tell them I'm not interested. My reasons include, I was just having sex, it's cloudy outside, my goldfish died today, I have an itch I have to get to....

I also tried telemarketing for 2 weeks and it was the most fun I've ever had with a phone (never tried phonesex though :D ). People used to cuss me out and I'd just stay on the line and laugh, or they'd hang up and I'd call back just so I can hang up on them. People used to tell me to call the next whorehouse on my list and stuff like that.

:rofl: at the memories.
telemarketers suck, but they are people just tryin to make a living so i always say no thanks, if they keep going i just hang up.
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