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Good deed done - Helped a BMW'er on the way home today

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So it's snowing its ass off in Frederick Maryland today. But it was sleeting/icing for a couple hours before the snow came. On my way home from work I'm following a BMW 540i/sport package with summer tires. I'm in my wife's R500 and staying back. We're on a one lane road, going downhill with an S-turn built in it. We're going slow, maybe 25mph and I'm holding in 2nd gear, maybe 3rd, using the steering wheel buttons. The R is gripping like a mountain goat. The Bimmer starts getting a bit squirlly and I see the rear coming around him. He corrects but taps the brakes. The car is now pointed towards the ditch on the side of the road with the front wheels completely pointed downhill. The front of the car is hanging on the burm of the ditch while the rear has swung around perpendicular to the road. The R's front tires gets in the groove he made and starts doing the same dance as his...

Let me interrupt this. If you've never been sideways in an R500, don't try it. It's kinda like having sex with a fat chick. You're having fun while it's happening but you don't wanna see what it looks like in the morning.

Ok, so the R is now sideways. I correct, and it comes back on the road but a bit too quickly. The rear of this land yacht swings around to the other side, I correct and she bites. She's heading downhill again. From behind, it must have looked like Oprah Winfrey trying to dance like Beyonce.

Anyway, we get to the bottom of the hill and have to start back up the other side. The Bimmer gets 50 yards up the hill and starts spinning in place. I decided to watch from the bottom of the hill because I had a funny feeling he wasn't gonna make it. He decided to back down a little bit and try again. Only problem is when he tries to start going forward again, he doesn't, he just keeps on sliding back down the hill towards me. What am I to do? I gun it into someones driveway right as he's nearing me and he misses me by maybe 20 feet. He ends up following me into the same driveway and gets out.

I ask him where he lives and offer him a ride home. He accepts. He ended up knocking on the door of the people's house we turned into and ask them if he could leave his car.

The R was able to get him and me home in one peice. No doubt my E500 would've been sitting in the same driveway as his 540 and I'd be still walking home.

I need a beer.
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Damn, I'm sorry to hear. I think it was in the 70's nice and sunny here. :rofl:
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