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Gotta love tax returns

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Direct deposit into my account. I deposit my $60 check from workin at the club at 3 AM. Get my receipt, look at it like :wtf: Then I remember, TAX RETURN!!!! :thumbup: Now time to put the majority of it on my credit card. :thumbdown:
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I am. I have to make sure it goes through on the account first. Put $60 of it into savings. Hahaha. Rest goes to stupid ass purchases in the past.
I've got plenty of debt. :thumbdown: Well, counting my school loan/car loan. :wall:
LOL. Add my car loan and it sky rockets. I am just talkin CC debt, but you know how much I got and my goals to get that shit paid off by this year. Tryin to get to $1000 CC by June from $3500. Which shouldn't be hard since I am putting over a G on one sometime VERY soon. Then $200-$400 each month on the other one. Should go away real fast. Then I can actually save some fucking god damn money to do shit or in case shit.
Saving is for in case shit. Better than using the CC. Plus, I am trying to take a real vacation.
Yeeeeeaaaah, taxes. Hmmm....

My shit's laggin. Don't even know what the deal is yet.

Seems like lots of people are getting their tax returns though. Group5 has been crazy busy lately. :rofl:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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