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***Guidelines for Off-Topic / The Lounge****

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Anything pretty much goes in this forum. Chat about anything you'd like. Current events, politics, rumors, or whatever floats your boat.

-If NWS material needs to be posted please do not post the image but instead post the URL to it or use the "Spoiler" BBCode to hide the content until clicked. You must include a warning stating it is NWS. NWS material should be of the R-Rated content and should include no hardcore pornographic material. All subjects in the pictures with any sort of nudity must be 18 years of age.

-myMBonline Staff reserves the right to remove any material at anytime without prior warning.

-Things that will not be tolerated are trolling, personal attacks, calling people out, or name calling.

-Serious Threads should stay serious! The Y-Diner (OT) is for all types of conversation. If a thread is of a serious nature, do not pollute the thread with useless posts and poor humored jokes. Keep the conversation on topic and let the thread take its course. The Y is a place for fun, but it is also a place to discuss topics which people want to discuss. If you pollute a thread for no reason, the Staff will decide the best course of action to remedy the problem.

-Please respect other members and their opinions
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Updated with more changes to come.
On this first page alone, in The Y-Diner, there's more than a handful of threads that do not belong in here. If it contains car content or a semi-serious car-related question, please create the thread in The Garage or in the CORRECT FORUM where they belong.

I know some of you might still be set in your ways because of how "other forums" work but unlike the other side, we have subforums created so this place doesn't look like a shit pit with everything dumped into one forum.

Please browse through this subforum and notice how many topics have "MOVED:" listed next to them. In addition to those, there have been a ton more that either a staff member have moved or are still resident due to people not following simple instructions. We know some members might not comprehend such simple instructions so a Staff member will be on hand to assist you with such issues in the future if need be.

You will be warned once and only once. Chronic (meaning more than once) failure to follow a simple guideline will result in topic deletion. The same rule that applies to the Classifieds Section, where posting in the wrong forum will result in deletion, will apply here as well.

If there are any questions, PM me.
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