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I've recently bought an e320 / w211..2005 plate, with genuine 54789 miles on the clock,
the steering is really heavy...checked power-steering reservoir, which was correctly filled,
I drained it somewhat dipping clean rag in, then filled it with SMITHS power steering solution,
started the car did a number of turns of the steering wheel into full lock etc...very little difference,
during this issue I took my Merc for an aircon re-gas and asked the guy why my steering was
so heavy , he told me the STEERING RACK was useless/needed replacing, charge for fitting
would be £200.00.Ive sourced another Rack for £100 quid.
my question for the Forum / before I shell out £ 300 plus getting another RACK ,would
it be possible the power steering pump is useless ?how could i tell ?

1st time kind .
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