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Mr Jangy told me to come check this place out. :D Im psk145 on mbworld
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What up Charles.

Any update on your ECU file? Are you all good, or still in-process?
Still waiting for James to call me back. He/they insist my power drop is because of the IC pump, but I insist that its fine because Jay's drops at the same place. I told them I dont want to spend another $2k on something that might not be the problem to begin with.

So we're at a standstill. My patience is almost at an end. The car runs fine, but based on the dynos, its not what I was expecting.
Welcome Charles. :wave:

Hope you get the issues worked out. :drive:
Welcome Charles... Where were u yesterday at GOW? :hmm
JmanE55 said:
Welcome Charles... Where were u yesterday at GOW? :hmm
I was at the Anaheim Ducks game. But my 48 hour trial passes have expired (I have one left) and Im waiting for the one I bought on ebay to show up. So I was playing Wii instead after the game
Hey Charles,

Are you JP's friend from tehdriven? If so, we almost met at the Irvine meet. ahaha Welcome!
Yup that was me!!
Send me an email about what you'd like. I am also finishing up my relations with Creative / RennTech, so maybe we can get it all done together.
typing one handed now cause Im holding my daughter, who's sleeping. I'll send an email when the wife gets back to relieve me
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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