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Just came across a link here from 6speed. Looks like a nice new forum and since I'm looking to add a SL55 AMG to the garage I figured I'd join. I've never owned a Merc before but can't wait to find the right SL....Actually my wife is more excited than I am since she doesn't drive manuals. She's already considering it a search for "her" sportscar :thumbup: . If anyone knows of a nice silver/ash, low miles, '04-06 available let me know.
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Welcome aboard, and I'll keep an eye out for one of those badboys :thumbup:
Welcome aboard... :thumbup:
welcome :wave: :drive:

try to find a sl55 w/ 030 (performance package), make both of you
happy :clap:

im 911_997s @ 6speedonline
Welcome Aboard
Welcome aboard Doc. :wave:
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