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HGmotorsports at California Speed Way (march 16-18)

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We are going to California Speed Way to race our Evo in the first NASA event of the season. Its an exciting event because its the only event of the season we get to use 3/4 of a NASCAR oval and really get to see the top speed of our Evo. We normally race against things like Corvettes, Vipers, Ferraris, STis, Evos, and Skylines so its always pretty entertaining. If anyone is interested in going let us know!
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You buy them when you get there, its typically $10-$15 per person for the whole day.
So, it is 3/4 oval and then some of the internal part? That track is sweet!! I never did get it past 155, though but it was also my day on that track. Now I know just to have a solid front right tire and let her rip!!
Yeah, we do the part of the oval and then the infield, its a really fun track. We are aiming to hit about 175-180 depending on how much downforce we need in the infield.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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