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HGmotorsports Track Update (Cal Speedway March 16-18))

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Well we are 2 sessions into it and we have already broken a car. Apparently hitting a cone at 120 mph isnt such a good idea!

Here is our buddy Paul's Evo:

Our Car and the Crawford STi:

Pics of the 2 cars:

After hitting the cone we screwed up the front splitter, broke the intercooler bracket, and a cross member, and put a nice little hole in one of the intercooler pipes:

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So now its lunch time and we swapped the passenger seat from the white car into our car and we are just going to have some fun the rest of the day. Even though this is a points event we want to take it easy and make sure the car survives til Sunday. Check back for updates, I will update this regularly.
How about some pics of those Z06's in the background!
So day 1 is over, we didnt have a good day because it was spent trying to make it into TT-U like we have always been but this year the rules changed and now we're in TT-R. So we just said fuck it and we are going to put full slicks on the car instaed of the normal Hoosiers so we can kick some serious ass. There are only about 2-3 other cars we are competeing against that might actually give us a run for our money but we are dialing in the car slowly and carefully because a track with these speeds can have big consequences if we make a small mistake. Either way we should be top 3 the rest of the weekend, I will post more pics soon!
WOOOHOOO!!! Nice job fellas! Sorry we didn't make it up there. We had some SDCrew stuff to close out down here, but I think we'll be back up and going silly in a week or so!!

In the 4th session Dieter placed first overall and demolished the track record by over 6 seconds!!! Happy St. Patty's Day!!!
Nice job!!! I hope you all took lots of pics.
HGmotorsports said:

In the 4th session Dieter placed first overall and demolished the track record by over 6 seconds!!! Happy St. Patty's Day!!!
Congrats!!!! :thumbup:
Great job Branden. :thumbup:

We fried the clutch in the first timed session so were packing up and heading home. But we did pick up Motul as a sponsor because of our impressive run yesterday so its not all bad.
Wow, you did some damage to the White Evo. I love that APR diffuser, how does you/he like it? It is either that or the JDM rear bumper with no crash bar. Any pics of the broken crossmember?
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