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AsianML said:
My dad got those badge things for like 50 cents each in Vietnam. You can find a whole bunch of MB accessories for cheap over there.:clap: My dad likes to add random stuff to all of our cars. Sometimes I just take it off after a while and he never notices. :D

I'd take the mud flaps off, but rocks and gravel fly up too easily on the roads here. We had the rear bumper repainted once because sometime hit it and it cost about $700. I'll probably take it off in the winter so when I do snow drifts I can see the snow shooting up into the air. :D
Like I don't know how shitty our roads are. :wack: Just use blue tape like I do. :D I want those badges too.

Yeah, I understand why you have them. :(
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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