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Well being that I was the 2nd member I'm not really new here but I realized I never did the formal introduction post here. Can't be going around posting guidelines that I don't follow myself. :D

I'm Ling, from San Diego, and the car of choice at the moment is a 2005 C55.

If you all need technical help with something on the forum please feel free to PM me. :drink:
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I need some serious help. I'm a mod-aholic. LOL :D Is there a cure for this? It's seriously draining my wallet. :rofl:

HELP!! :rofl:
Give them to me. Hahaha :D
hello Ling...nice to meet you...
LMAO :rofl:
Ling, who da heo is dat? :rofl:
jmane55, did you sell your w210? =(
Vince, that's Jeff not James. JmanE55 and JamE55 are two different guys. :slap:
stnwag0n said:
jmane55, did you sell your w210? =(
No, my W210 is still sitting in my garage. It hasnt seen the SUN for quite sometime now.
thanks for the add ling!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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