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How much should these wheels REALLY be worth?

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Yeah, I was thinking something in the low range since I would send them to sanders from TWS to get them repaired.

Worth it or no?

I just wanna roll on different wheels until I get better ones this summer.
BTW mike diggin that nurburgring decal on your rear windshield. :thumbup:
Guess I won't waste money on brabus wheels then. :hmm:
I just want to get a cheap ass set of wheels to roll on until I get my new wheels come summer. :D
AMG_55 said:
whats wrong w/ your amg's? just get some center caps. maybe you can paint them black to match the car :dunno:
Having a hard time finding center caps since the diameter of the old school AMG center cap size is 2.5" rather than the standard 3" we have now. :hmm: :dunno:

Dont know of a shop who can make me a custom set of center caps either...

and LOL at your new alias here on MBonline.

1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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