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Indian 21st bday party...

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Okay okay...something must be wrong with me... the more i hang out with my Indian friends, the more beautiful Persian, indian, middle eastern females i meet!!! :hmm: :hmm: I never knew that part of the world produced such beautys !! :clap: Pics will come tomorrow morning fellows! You know me i took one lousy picture :rofl: :rofl: haha sorry i was drinking but man oh man.... i just wanted to share the beautiful ladies i saw today ! :eek:hnoes:

Jangy, BIG BIG kudos to your friend i believe it was, that you posted a picture of awhile back, she was a 10/10 !! okay my drunkness haha i have to step away from the keyboard!!

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Been to a few indian birthday parties, and they definately are the shiznit. Especially if you know the people throwing the party.

Enrique you gotta come party with the dirtyness when i come up there man.
That was my sister, so keep the comments to a minimum.
jangy said:
That was my sister, so keep the comments to a minimum.
:rofl: :rofl: :clap:
Murtaza said:
:threadsux: without :boobies: you go.
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LOL sorry guy's i was a bit wasted last night!

Here's the only BAD picture i took ! The one in the right was pretty cute!

Jangy, my apologies.

Fred, i'm down! First weeek of school so it should be a blast !
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