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Its Official....IM FINNALY LEGAL!!!

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as of 26 mins ago im finally 18!!!!!

titty bar here i come :rofl:
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Happy Birthday!!

Too bad you can't bone the hot 16-17 year old chicks anymore :dunno:
hi its me arya said:
thanks guys!

im pretty stoked fot tonight!
Now use Ling's gift wisely. Remember to contribute too! :clap:
It's not a titty's called a STICKY BAR!!! :rofl:
Post pics of the chicks so we know it wasn't just a cockfest :rofl:
Read my location. I'm 2 hours away. You think I'm going to be in SD at 7am to see a grip of HRE's? :wack:

Unless you're bringing her to LA for my personal enjoyment, feel free to post pics instead.
You know where the pics of the D's go. Put them where they belong!
1 - 8 of 50 Posts
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