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Keyless Entry

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Well, I have wanted it for a long time and never liked the ghey remotes that come with expensive systems, or cheap ones. I never thought it made sense to replace a factory alarm either... so I am buying these, should have it done next week when I go home for spring break. :clap:
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yeah....i thought about that before.....let me know how it comes out!

Nice look out man, I added that to my massive MyEbay stuff for my car I cant afford but want one day list :)
Roupin said:
Looks OEM!!! :thumbup:
Ever since my dad got his Audi, I fell in love with that flip out key fob and wanted one so badly, good things come to those who wait :haaaay:

I won the bid, i'll post pics ASAP
Let us know how the install is. Also, if you have a DIY guide that woul dbe awesome!

I wish I could somehow use the keyless go chrome MB keys they have now. They are so nice.
very nice jonathan, very nice indeed!

Came today, should go in this afternoon, after I pick up my new HID bulbs. :clap:
My1stbenz said:
Came today, should go in this afternoon, after I pick up my new HID bulbs. :clap:
PLEASE! Post a pic of the key/keyfob!!!! If it's what I'm thinking of, it's another set sold. :)
Well, the parts came, they look good, but the instructions were not that great, I will try to attack the install on sun or mon. I fixed a few other things, like putting my HID's in... oh man is it nice to have that light again.
how's it coming along? :popcorn:
mgw_300e said:
how's it coming along? :popcorn:
Well, all but the lights are wired, I just haven't figured how to get the remotes to sync. I know how, but they ain't working. The instructions I got were really vague too, and not written by someone who speaks engrish as a first rangruage.

Got my rims back on yesterday in the rain. Took hours to wash them inside and out and then put each one on, and then power wash the suspension each wheelwell at a time. looks like a 2 year old car now in the wheel well and not a 20 year old car. :drive:
Sorry for the delay guys. Spring break came and went a lot quicker than expected. The weather was nice for one day and the garage at the folks house was full of new kitchen appliances and old cabinets since they are remodelling the kitchen so I had no "shop" space :thumbdown: I got the harness 80% finished.

alright, I finally got around to getting some new instructions for the install, hopefully have it done by the weeks end... can't wait.

I have to get my homework done first... :rofl: 21 credits this quarter is going to be a blast :wtf: :thumbdown:
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